HKS Kompressor v2 vs v3 US

  • Hier die Offizielle Erklärung von HKS Europe bezüglich GT86 Supercharger Kit v3 ;)
    GP Performance Team

    The "New" V3 kit was something that was specifically made for the USA market.
    The kit differs in a few places but the main point of this kit is to help produce more
    power with lower octane fuel like they have in the USA. The kit uses a larger
    pulley on the supercharger unit to produce less boost and has a larger
    restrictor in place to produce the power at peak rpm rather than from lower
    down. The bracket which holds the supercharger unit in place was redesigned to
    hold this larger pulley as well but most of the rest of the kit remains
    unchanged. Both V2 and V3 kits use the same size supercharger unit.

    For us here in Europe, where we have access to good fuel, there is no performance
    advantage in choosing a V3 kit over a V2 one. In fact it is a disadvantage due
    to the larger pulley used in the V3 kit. This is why I do not have V3 kits in
    stock here and actively discourage anyone in Europe from trying to use a V3 kit
    as this has no merits.

    Europe Ltd